Tuesday, June 15, 2010

West End Patio gardening

I planted a tree in Vancouver, not in the city (I don't want to mislead my readers) and not into the ground, but never the less I transported and then transplanted my very first tree!!! Very exciting times, again I think that my readers (apparently I have three) will remember that I don't really have a life so I get VERY excited about the small things. Sarah and I followed Marki's planting/transplanting tips to the tee so hopefully "Mable" - the name I have given the maple will be happy. When we purchased Mable from the very nice husband and wife about a block away from Sarah's place she was wrapped in canvas and when we got home and took off the canvas it was very clear that Mable had been unloved for an extended period of time. Her roots were very dry, I would perhaps use the word brittle to describe them and the soil surrounding them was sandy in nature. We first put rocks down at the bottom of the large planter to help with drainage and then added some soil. Next we saturated Mable's roots with a couple watering cans full of water. Luckily the soil that we (I mean Sarah because as you can see I am taking the pictures) used to surround the roots and planter was extremely rich and moist so I think that this will help Mable have a long and successful life on the lovely roof top patio. Also, while filling the soil it is important to ensure that there are no air gaps, i.e. that the soil fills all the nooks and crannies around the roots system so that the plant, or in this case tree receives the water that you are pouring on it when water or when it rains. I realize that this isn't really gardening, but I think that it still counts here are some annonymous pictures of Sarah and Mable. Therefore, although I didn't tend to my garden I did get my hands into some dirt while I was away.

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