Thursday, June 17, 2010


I would like to say that a spoke to both Leif (although I looked his drivers license last night and it's actually Leaf - apologies for the incorrect spelling) and the farmer last night and was able to thank them so much for their rotter-tilling skills and planting the seedlings advice. Although, I get the feeling that they both imagine me to be slightly insane as I was wearing three-inch peep toes and a silk green mini dress as I was telling them about how I brought in 30-40 bags of manure and soil, landscaped the flower part, and planted all my seeds. I even had a very in-depth conversation with the farmer about the fencing and its taughtness - riveting stuff really!! I believe this is a direct quote: "So, its working out for you." Again, my level of enthusiasm is clearly miles and miles above theirs. Leaf I think was so shocked that I was telling everyone that he "Rotter-tiled my garden," that he was unable to speak for the majority of the evening and kept asking me if I was Dutch. Just for the record, no I am not Dutch. Hopefully they will both come by and check out what their contributions and advice have added to my little garden experiment. The pictures of the tire is for Leaf, but I don't think he has the internet, since he doesn't have a phone;) The pictures of the tomatoes are for the farmer, but again I don't think he uses the internet - but really what do I know about their personal internet habits.

Enough with the anecdotes and back to the gardening. Despite that everything was in wonderful condition there was some major weeding to do. The thing about weeding is that it takes forever and it's back breaking work, especially now with everything planted because the weeds are coming in around the veggies. Not only are these weeds numerous, but they are very small, which means hours of bending over and pulling little tiny weeds out with my not so little tiny hands. Nevertheless, the majority of the weeding did get done, but I do have some left to do on the weekend. I have added the pictures from yesterdays entry - Leafs tire of potatoes, the farmers seedlings with stakes, tied with strong and some little cherry tomatoes. It really is an amazing thing to see your garden grow - it sounds like a self-evident truth, but I really can't stress enough the sense of accomplishment and pride I feel when I look outside my window in the morning or let the dog outside with a cup of coffee in my hands. It's all so very green and fresh and lovely - cheesy but true. Now if only I could figure our what exactly was going on with the Swiss Char, carrots and beets. I think that the problem with the beets is that I planted them incorrectly:( I am signing off enjoy the pictures oh and on a quick side note I left Siska outside this morning and she secretly waged a war on the flower garden while I was inside working . . . I was right to be more worried about Siska then the rabbits and squirrels. I am not sure whether you can see her face in the shadows, but she busted down two of my fences and a solar light and was lying IN the flower garden!!! I guess I should just be thankful she left the herbs alone;)

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  1. does my offering to water mean that I am going to be weeding for a month? ;0)
    I think everything is looking wonderful - - well done!