Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beans, Beans, Beans

I am very excited to report that if all the other seeds fail, which is entirely likely that I have succeeded in planting and growing beans!!! Ukrainian beans to be exact - I can't remember how many I planted - again because I have no idea what I am doing, but I now have 3 bean heads sprouting through the earth. I truly felt like doing the dance of joy this morning when I saw what had happened overnight with a little rain. Literally last night it was mud with signs and this morning it was beans:) Minor success.

I was speaking to a stranger in the park yesterday, ok, that sounds bad not a stranger and not just any park I was at the dog park talking about my garden because I don't really have a life and this stranger seemed concerned that the squirrels were going to eat my garden. Firstly, I hate squirrels, I am not sure whether anyone reading this has lived in Toronto but Queen's Park has rabid squirrels and one once attacked my sister, so suffice it to say that I am not a fan, and secondly how am I supposed to fight off squirrels or even rabbits?? Really at this point I am relying upon Siska (my dog) until I meet another stranger who offers me some friendly advice.

Yippee for beans!!!

Speaking of my sister she was kind enough to drop off another set of table and folding chairs this morning for the backyard. Picture included - the lovely table and chair set with umbrella is a donation from my neighbours. I baked them brownies to say thank-you, unfortunately I don't think that they were sweet enough. Although, their daughter did tell me that she liked my garden a lot . . . Can I get her to water my garden for me while I am out of town on business?? She might be a bit young at 9 to handle the responsibility. Sorry, I digress. So the newly added table and chair set means I now have three separate seating areas in my backyard, which is either amazing if I have three groups of friends over who don't like each other, or a large group of people for whom I need many chairs, or it's not so amazing because my backyard looks a little over-crowded. I am thinking that perhaps I should fold the folding ones away for when a large group of people come over.

I think that is it for current garden news. I would like to apologize for some poor syntax and word usage in my first entries - working on self editing. Also the to do list after completing the back blogging includes: one more tire for third potato mound, more soil for potato mounds in general, complete signage for veggies, put up fencing for peas to grow up and mow lawn, which also means rake - blech. Ok, so I guess it is a lot of work, but I love the benefits.


  1. seriously.... you have enough seating for 3 groups of people who don't like each other!!! I heart that you wrote that. i heart your entries. I feel like we are chatting. keep it up sista! and I can't wait to make a bean and potato salad with your veggies!

  2. yeah beans!! i also like your new profile pic! xo