Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now the Veggies

I would first like to mention that there a few things that I forgot to mention in the first two posts - since I am back blogging (is that a term??) I may occasionally forget to mention a few things. For example that when I purchased my flag stones I had to go back two more times in order to get the correct number of stones for the garden - this was caused by my lack of a real plan. This happened often. My Mum once again ever insightful, suggested that I never get more than I can do in one days work because that way I will not feel overwhelmed and I don't have to worry about plants dying or supplies lying around for an extended period of time not being used. The problem with this for me is that as I really have no idea what I am doing I have no idea how much I need. I mean I am an educated individual who can guesstimate or estimate, but without a reference point it becomes a bit more difficult. There have been days where I have traveled to and from Rona or my local Home Hardware two or three times in order to be able to complete that days task. Secondly and lastly - mulch is amazing!! It makes everything look so beautiful!!!

So, back to the gardening. Marki and I awoke Wednesday morning to even more humidity and so we tried to do as much prep as possible earlier in the day - this meant hoeing the area of the garden where I was going to plant my vegetables seeds and adding the requisite amount of soil and manure and then mixing it all together and then watering the soil as it was D-R-Y like the Gobi. That afternoon we a bit of an impromtu picnic in the yard thanks to my friend Claudia who came over with lunch - amazing!! I really appreciated having Marki around to help me because she clearly had more experience than my none and I would have loved to keep her around longer, but unfortunately her visit came to an end and she went back to her fiance in Montreal and I was left with the task of planting the seeds, which sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of specific directions that need following.

My friend Charlotte was nice enough to provide me with some of her vegetable seeds, which was incredible so I had a wide variety of seeds to plant, stakes to put into the ground to make what was planted where - thankfully Marki was able to point out the requirement of labels to me prior to her departure otherwise I would have spent forever trying to figure out what was planted where. Charlotte's seeds also come with detailed planting instructions, for example "Sun lover, plant after last frost a forearms length apart in rows one foot apart." These directions were invaluable, but also slightly stressful because if I plant them incorrectly will they still grow? That is the thing with seeds once they are in the ground you just have to wait and water. It looks like a bunch of mud with signs sticking out of it. Fingers crossed

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